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 A Note To The Usergroups...

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A Note To The Usergroups... Empty
PostSubject: A Note To The Usergroups...   A Note To The Usergroups... Icon_minitimeMon Nov 01, 2010 1:53 pm

A note to all groups.If a member wishes to join a group, the moderator of the user group is given permission to test the user to see if they will be an asset to the group or a burden, begging some of the more irascible members pardon. I will be observing these tests and members of the user groups. If any member of the same group or of a different group is greatly offended, I WILL punish the offending user, no exceptions. I cannot allow people to get away with things to the point that users think they have every right to insult anyone for no apparent reason. This is all I have to say.Thank you.

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A Note To The Usergroups...
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