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 DDO Adventure

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PostSubject: DDO Adventure   DDO Adventure Icon_minitimeThu Nov 04, 2010 3:58 pm

Chapter 1:Part 1:
Once there was 3 people... one was named CaliborX, the other was his best friend Trinthia, and Darkoid... They left their families to find adventure and training for excitement.

They got on the ship to a island, that they never heard of, unexplored too! They set sail to find that island, but they cross the Bermuda triangle, but didn't see the map the right way... A dragon came and destroyed the ship, then they flowed to a distant island... CaliborX and Darkoid flow to one side of the island and Trinthia went to the other side. She learned spells while CaliborX and Darkoid learned how to fight with weapons, like axes and swords.

Chapter 1:Part 2:
As they meet together in a cave where they had been training, a group of Sahuagin and attack our warriors! But they where no match, even for beginners, but it was not over.
The Sahuagin were attacking the townfolk for their scrolls and gold! some even agree that the Sahuagin are right! It is time for our warriors to stand up for these people, and defeat them, but they are not them main problem

Chapter 1:Part 3:
As they went in the town, there were nice people there, laughing and telling stories about their adventures! But one was shy, she liked going to the cemetery because her family was famous in the town, but sadly she is very paranoid, and offing very scared that in the tomb of her family, someone would come back to life, our heroes went to the spirit binder so if they get injured so much that they could not be heal, they would teleport to the the him... they didn't know about that shy girl, but the spirit binder told them and they went to check out the seen, she was waiting outside, looking terrified, and as she saw these warriors, she began to become thankful to them and asked if they could go into the tomb and they agreed to it! What will happen to our heroes inside that cave, we will find out, next part! End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2:Part 1:
As they enter the tomb, a man protecting it has the gate closed...*skips to not written part*... they meet a halfling inside the tomb! Her name was ... and she was wanting to get out of the tomb! As they found the exit, a Zombie dinosaur raised from it grave because it had been disturbed, and he found our heroes! They had no choice but to fight! *skips fight and dinosaur is defeated, your heroes escape the tomb and confirmed that the crying, was the halfling*
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DDO Adventure
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